CNCC (Communications and Negotiation Committee China) to the United States Participating in the ABC (The Association for Business Communication) International Conference


On April 12-14, 2018, after the event of the TNC (Negotiation Challenge) global negotiation competiation held in San Francisco, Chairman Zeng Xiaochun led Deputy Commissioner Mei Hua and Secretary General Zhang Shougang to Cincinnati, United States to attend the ABC International Conference, and during Visit at West Virginia University as a scholar, the Deputy Secretary-General of Xia Mingxue also drove to attend the meeting. This meeting was a return visit after signing a cooperation memorandum with the ABC organization in 2015. Through this return visit, the friendship between the two organizations was consolidated.

(From left to right: Zhang Shougang, Zeng Xiaochun, Xia Mingxue, Meihua)

(From left to right in the figure is the first vice president of the ABC, Marcel Robles)

(Chairman Zeng Xiaochun and former President ABC Kathryn Rentz)

(Deputy Secretary-General Xia Mingxue and former President of ABC ,Deborah Roebuck)

(Director Zeng Xiaochun and Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder, President of ABC, USA)

(President Zeng Xiaochun and Marcel Robles, First Deputy President of ABC, USA)

(President Zeng Xiaochun and Geert Jacobs, Second Vice President of ABC, USA)


 (President Zeng Xiaochun and James Dubinsky, Executive Director of ABC, USA)

 (Secretary member and Kathryn Rybka, Regional Director of ABC Midwest, USA (right one))

(Secretary of the secretary group and Terke Sekine (second from left), vice president of ABC Midwest, Kristin Pickering, vice president of ABC Midwest (third from left)

At the ABC annual meeting, the Secretary-General of the Committee Zhang Shougang presented the Development of a Conceptual Model and Questionnaire of Principled Negotiation and Deputy Director Mei Hua presented A Study on The Effectiveness of Business Negotiations in Trade papers fully demonstrated the academic level of our members.

(Deputy director Meihua)

 (Secretary General Zhang Shougang)

During the ABC annual meeting, The CNCC members discussed cooperation with the editor of the journal of IJBC (International Journal of Business Communication, SSCI index), , and it will provide some opportunities for our members.

(From right to left second and third main editor: Jacqueline Mayfield and Milton Mayfield)

During the ABC annual meeting, met with a group of American scholars engaged in communication and negotiation studies for the next step in the internationalization of the work of the members, such as the international negotiation contest judges, and the invitation of academic exchanges to open up new prospects.

(Secretary General Zhang Shougang and Katherine Robisch, Professor, Kent State University)


(Deputy Secretary General Xia Mingxue and Professor Tatiana Kolovou of Kelley School of Business of Indiana University)

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