The logo for Internet Negotiation Contest for College Students is a uniform one for publicity jointly sponsored by Communication and Negotiation Committee of China Industrial Technology Society of Economic Management (CNCC), The Association for Business Communication (ABC), The Negotiation Challenge (TNC), and Korean Association of Negotiation Studies (KANS).  It can be used independently as well as collectively.  The four ribbons in the middle of the logo constituting the shape of VS refer to the two parties of negotiation.  The pointer, pointing to the left and connecting the four ribbons, symbolizes the intensification of communication and cooperation to find out the solution to problems on the basis of mutual benefit.  In addition, it shows that the most effective method to improve negotiation ability is to take an active part in negotiation contest.  Its external semi-circle represents the whole globe with the hope of setting up an international cooperative platform.  The two initial Cs of “College” and “Contest” show that it is not only a contest platform for college students, but also an idea that the goal of negotiation is to pursue an optimal outcome for both parties for nothing is perfect.  The “INCCS”, letters around the logo, is the acronym for the contest platform.  The overall blue keynote of the logo signifies the calm and peaceful mind needed for the proper management of negotiation disagreements and conflicts.  In the meantime, it shows the promising future of the contest around the globe, like a vast stretch of a blue sea, welcoming all relevant organizations and colleges and universities to join in so as to constantly improve the contest level and expand its influence.  The logo will be extensively adopted in all the websites of CCNC, ABC, TNC and KANS, relevant documents, pamphlets and various publicity materials as well as in a variety of promotional activities in January, 2018.  The use of uniform logo is not only the need of activities developed by each party, but also the guarantee for college students to choose high-level negotiation contests around the globe.  

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